60 days of transparency…done. Now for the results!

I made it. 60 days of transparency. 60 days of reporting my dietary intake, my training, and my progress.

It makes such a difference being accountable to someone, anyone. Not many people have the strength to make good choices simply for their own health and wellbeing, myself included. It’s a sad truth, but being accountable to someone initially doesn’t mean it will always have to be that way. Once you have taken back control of each and every decision, you gain the confidence to make these decisions part of your day to day life. The decisions become second nature, and the best part – they are yours to own and wear with pride.

My goals for the 60 days were to limit refined sugar to just 2 days per week, to practice 90% compliance with my nutrition allowing me a 10% buffer (3 cheat meals throughout the week), to increase my resistance training sessions, increase strength, and to lose body fat.

I felt that my goals were realistic and achievable. There is no point committing to something if you know you won’t follow through. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly think you should aim for the stars, but I also believe in baby steps that lead up to the stars. Have an overall goal in mind, but have a realistic, achievable plan in place to see you get there, and reassess frequently to ensure you are on track. Without these frequent “check ups” be it in the form of body composition testing and re-measurements, fitness testing, or something as simple as trying on a pair of jeans that haven’t fit you in a while (and feeling them get looser!) how will you know if you are on the right track?

I had my measurements done at the half way point and was pleased with progress so I continued what I was doing. Had my results shown something different, minor changes would have been made. I wasn’t organised enough to take a “before photo”, but below is a shot at the end of my 60 days. I still have a long way to go, and with muscle lost in the last few weeks (possibly due to a high volume of cardio training or not enough protein in my diet to aid in muscle growth), I have a few adjustments to make, new goals to set, and more progress to make!



Week 1 vs Week 8

Weight: 65kg –> 62.7 (decrease of 2.3kg)

Lean Body Mass: 51.2kg –> 52.1kg (increase of .9kg)

Fat Mass: 13.7kg –> 10.5kg (decrease of 3.2kg)

Body fat percentage: 21.1% –> 16.7% (decrease of 4.4%)




Week 1: 11:18 (Goal 11:00)

Week 8: 10:59



Week 1: 26 on toes (Goal 35)

Week 8: 38 on toes



Week 1: 3.10 (Goal 4.00)

Week 8: 4.00



Week 1: 2.31 (Goal 3.30)

Week 8: 3.00 – I have to admit it was after a leg sesh that I remembered I had to do fitness tests, so happy with this time!


You learn a lot about yourself on a journey like this. My determination doesn’t end with my 60 day blog. I’m not in this for a quick fix and old habits will not return simply because I don’t have to report them. I now know I do have the strength to make conscious choices, my new challenge will be maintaining that strength to make the same choices for no one other than myself.

My body fat % is lower than it has ever been, and I am stronger than I have ever been, but there is always more room for improvement. What’s next? I will focus on training for a half marathon in 7 weeks, so my training will change to reflect my new goals.

I wanted to show you – my clients, and readers that there is huge potential to make positive change whilst living an enjoyable social life, IF you are willing to set a few guidelines in place to reflect what you feel are your weaknesses or limiting factors. We all have them – they come in the form of things we love a bit too much (be it chocolate, or big nights out) or our lifestyle (lack of time, or lack of motivation). I hope to teach as many people as possible how to win back control of their lives. Through food and fitness, I hope to teach as many people as possible how to find a balance in their lives. Life should not be about diets, or missing out on the things we love – the things that make us happy. Are the things that make you happy simply habit or do you genuinely want to eat that block of chocolate and wear clothes you are uncomfortable in? Have you simply let your fitness and health fall to the wayside and don’t know where to start the journey towards your best self? Ask yourself these few questions, and let the answers guide you towards change.









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