Day 53 – 56 (26th – 29th June) Take Responsibility for Your Choices, After All…You Made Them!


Progress shouldn’t be taken for granted! Positive results should fuel more motivation to stay on track and set new goals in order to continue progressing!

2 weeks ago my body composition results were great… since then I have had a weekend down south (with no training and plenty of strikes) and this weekend wasn’t too different. I did manage to fit in a small run this Sunday morning, but I was out for dinner Friday and Saturday nights with no time beforehand to train, and my choices for dinner and dessert were delicious, yet complete and utter STRIKES!

If your weekends are much the same – action packed with no time to train – then you MUST take this into consideration during the week. Strikes (or cheat meals) are there to be used. Their purpose: to allow you to remain compliant the rest of the time. Don’t feel bad about using them. Enjoy, but schedule them!

My plan was to train on Friday afternoon, yet my ENTIRE body was aching from previous sessions, so it wouldn’t have been wise to train again. I had already done a leg session before RPM around lunch time, but this did not cancel out the indian feast I had for dinner. I certainly could have chosen to exclude rice from my meal, or say no to dessert…but I wanted rice, and I wanted dessert, so I was going to count this as a strike and move on with my weekend.

Saturdays I work until lunchtime and often have a bit on in the afternoon, so I either need to save a strike for Saturday nights (that’s if I plan to eat something that doesn’t fit in with my goals), or fit in a session in the afternoon. It sounds easy, and it can be, as long as you think ahead and plan accordingly.

Sunday night my plan was to fit in a strength session before having homemade burgers for dinner. I had used my strikes, so the session would earn me my burger in a bun and motivate me to train! Of course, the afternoon got away from me (due to a delightful afternoon nap), and my choice was this… train and earn the bun, not train, eat the bun and record another strike, or load up my plate with all of the delicious burger condiments and stay on track. I chose the last option. I had already used strikes Monday night, Friday and Saturday nights, so if I wanted to see positive results later this week on weigh in day, I had to make a decision that would fall in line with my goals.

If it comes to weigh in day on Thursday and my body composition hasn’t changed in my favour, the reasons for this will be clear, and I will have to take responsibility for that. I had choices to make, and I made them, knowing they were outside the nutritional goals I have put in place in order to achieve my goals…Results will always reflect our choices!

My point today isn’t to justify my strikes this week, it is teach you that plans and good intentions can change, for whatever reason (especially on the weekend!). If you know your weekends are not only crazy busy but also the time you are most likely to eat a non-compliant meal, then structure that into your week. Save your strikes for the weekend. You will always be faced with choices, and they are yours to make, no one else’s. No one else’s results will suffer because of your choices, yours will. So look at your week ahead, schedule your strikes, and use those scheduled strikes to help you make conscious choices during the week!

Dietary record for day 53

Brunch: (post workout) egg, ham, spinach and pesto wrap

Snacks: protein smoothie (raspberries, 1/3 cup coconut milk, 2/3 cup water, 1 scoop whey protein, 1 tablespoon cacao powder), 1 handful mixed nuts, long black with cream

Dinner: Chicken parmigiana with broccoli


6am RPM (45 minutes)

12 Flex & Stretch (30 minutes)

 Dietary record for day 54

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs with sautéed garlic kale

Snacks: long black with cream, banana choc icecream (frozen banana blended with cacao, medjool date, banana protein, honey and tahini)

Lunch: 2 slices cauliflower pizza (cauliflower base topped with garlic, baby spinach, bacon, capsicum, cherry tomatoes and feta)

Dinner: Indian Restaurant – buffet. 2 plates including rice, beef curry, potato curry, lentil curry, 2 small desserts, 1/2 scoop icecream (STRIKE!)


11AM Strength session (legs)

12 RPM Xpress (30 min)

Dietary record for day 55

Breakfast: Green juice , Protein shake (1/3 cup coconut milk, 2/3 cup water, 1/2 cup raspberries, 1 tablespoon cacao powder)

Snacks: long black with teaspoon cream

Lunch: 2 slices leftover cauliflower pizza

Dinner: Lamb burrito (Zambrero’s), 2 cups spiked coffee (hazelnut liqueur), toasted marshmallows (8?), 6 pieces natural confectionary liquorice (STRIKE)


Dietary record for day 56

Breakfast (POST WORKOUT): Omelette with natural yoghurt/cottage cheese/cinnamon and banana, raspberries, 3 mini breakfast sausages, long black with cream, green juice

Snacks: peanut butter protein bar, long black with cream

Lunch: 2 x mountain bread wraps with tomato & onion tuna, spinach and cheese

Dinner: Homemade burger with beef patties (3 mini patties to make up for no bun!), beetroot, egg, cheeses, spinach, roast capsicum, homemade hummus


5km coast run (hilly!)




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