Day 49 – 52 (22nd – 25th June 2014): Give Yourself a Break…and ENJOY it!

When it comes to holidaying (or even long weekending), I don’t mess around. I love camping or an escape out of town, and when I do, the rules don’t get packed in my suitcase.

I’m always keen to check out a new organic café, but aside from that, I generally eat what I want on holidays, and I refuse to feel bad about it. This weekend was no different.

I was heading down south with my mum and close family friend as a late celebration for Mum’s birthday which was in May. The only solid plans we had were wine, cheese, cards, sleeping in, and a wine tour. And that we did!

It is sometimes not until we remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle that is our life, that we can make important decisions, or simply regroup to step back into the game with a fresh mind.

The truth is, we all work too hard, for too little and we all need to stop. We all need to decide what is important to us and what brings us joy. We then need to sit down and look at what we spend our hours doing everyday and ask ourselves, “Is this getting me closer to my goals, and my best self, or further away?”



When you can stick to your plan, fantastic, but sometimes you do need to allow yourself to step outside of your rules and routine, have a break…and enjoy it.

I had a great time away, I enjoyed the amazing food and wine, and a break from training was nice HOWEVER I was well and truly ready for a training session by the time Tuesday came around!

 Dietary record for day 49
Breakfast: Banana, handful almonds, long black with cream

Snacks/Lunch: BUSHTUCKER Wine Tour – I have been on several of these tours and always manage to visit different wineries. Definitely recommend them! The tour drivers are always great value, and very informative and lunch is not your typical winery style/sit down 3 course meal. Instead you get a plate of typical (or maybe not so typical) bushtucker! Kangaroo, crocodile, homemade pestos, bush berries, fresh breads and for those who are keen – witchetty grubs…I was not keen and decided I wouldn’t be eating one for less than $1000! Check them out here.

Most of you know the deal with wine tours, you same a few white/red wines at each winery and then have an opportunity to purchase any you liked. We had a great tasting at “The Grove” including delicious liqueurs, a few cheeses at the cheese factory and of course á small handful of choc bits at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory…oh YES and a coffee with “cookies and cream” liqueur

Dinner: anti-pasto platter (cheese, dips, chorizo), 2 slices of chicken and bacon pizza, glass of rose, mineral water x 2

Dessert: good purchased from the chocolate factory

Lunch on "Bushtucker Tour"

Lunch on “Bushtucker Tour”

We sure know how to get out "platter" on

We sure know how to get out “platter” on

Last stop...Bootleg Brewery for a cider

Last stop…Bootleg Brewery for a cider

Dietary record for day 50
Late breakfast (was saving myself for lunch at Clancy’s Fish Pub in Dunsborough – which is closed on Mondays!): handful of almonds, long black with teaspoon cream

Lunch: Sumudra Café Dunsborough – shared a pumpkin, feta and pinenut pizza on spelt base, half a caramel slice (refined sugar free), and long mac with nut milk – this is an awesome café, a must see when visiting Dunsborough. Check it out here.

Dinner: Pizza on cauliflower base (AMAZING!!!). I had read about this but wasn’t sure how it would work until my trusty friend Lauren gave it a whirl. We had tried a spelt base in the past but this is much lighter, hides the cauliflower well and basically tastes like a cheesy crust pizza from your favourite pizza shop! Check out the recipe here


Cauliflower Pizza Base


Cauliflower pizza base topped with salsa, baby spinach, sausage, cherry tomatoes and grated cheese – AMAZING


Dietary record for day 51
Brunch: Running around like a maniac after my long weekend away, I didn’t eat until 10am. 2 x Breakfast frittatas with garlic kale chips

Snacks: apple & cinnamon protein slice, protein smoothie (1 banana, 1/3 cup coconut milk, 1 pineapple ring, 2/3 cup water, 1 scoop vanilla whey protein), soy long mac, 500m coconut water

Dinner: (post workout) Slow cooked beef curry (beef, mushrooms, zucchini, potatoes, and homemade curry sauce consisting of natural yoghurt, coconut milk, tinned tomatoes, and many spices)

Dessert: Homemade chai tea (thanks Lauren!) with 1 teaspoon rice malt syrup and almond milk

8pm Strength session (chest)

Dietary record for day 52
Breakfast: (post workout) 2 breakfast frittatas, long black with 1 teaspoon of cream and honey

Snacks: 2 handfuls mixed nuts, 1 apple, rooibois tea with a dash of almond milk and 1 teaspoon honey, apple & cinnamon protein slice

Lunch: leftover beef curry

Dinner: Chicken and chorizo with baked potato and homemade tomato and garlic pesto!

4 x omega 3 caps, greens with turmeric and grape juice

9AM RPM Xpress

12 Flex & Stretch 45 minutes

6.30pm Flex & Stretch 30 minutes

7.30pm Strength session (back)


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