Day 46 – 48 (19th – 21st June 2014): HUMP DAY!

So it’s hump day (calm down, I just mean Wednesday, half way through the working week). You have gotten over the common come down that is heading back to work on Monday, and if you had a large weekend you may just be starting to feel human again. Back to a bit of routine perhaps? What is driving you? Your upcoming plans this weekend! Isn’t it just a cycle of hanging for the weekend, the weekend going by way too fast and then counting down again? If this sounds like you, and your weekend usually includes

a) indulging in delicious food

b) getting your drink on

c) little or no training

or d) all of the above

then you need to find a way to save your cheat meals for the weekend when you most commonly use them. I’m not suggesting a Monday – Friday type diet because as you know, I don’t believe in any kind of dieting. I’m suggesting you use your weekend plans as motivation to stay on track during the week. If you veer off course, don’t throw your hands in the air (even if you don’t care) and write the week off. You will have weak moments, you will have moments when your brain is so exhausted that you lick that spoon of nutella before even having a conscious thought about it (I did that, yes). But that shouldn’t mean all of your good intentions, goals and planning have to go out the window. You admit to yourself that you are human, and shit happens, and you move on.

If 3 cheat meals isn’t realistic for you, aim for 5 initially…it’s all about coming up with a plan that you actually believe you can follow.

As a wise man once said…


Dietary record for day 46
Breakfast: bacon & egg wrap on mountain bread (toasted with cheese mmmm), long black with cream

Snacks: apple cinnamon protein slice, long black with cream, soy long mac, 2 handfuls savoury honey cashews

Lunch: (post workout) 6 pieces sushi (mixed), miso soup

Dinner: curried sausages (slow cooker) with broccoli

4 x omega 3 caps, greens

TrainingRPM 6am

Strength session 1pm (back)

 Dietary record for day 47
Breakfast: apple, peppermint tea

Snacks: apple & cinnamon protein slice, 2 x homemade chocolates, peppermint tea, long black with cream and 1 teaspoon honey

Lunch: (post workout) beef nachos with salsa, cheese and sour cream

Dinner: Chicken caesar wrap

4 x omega 3 caps, greens


Dietary record for day 48
Breakfast: 1 apple, soy long mac, apple & cinnamon protein slice

Snacks: banana

Lunch: toasted turkey & cranberry wrap

Dinner: cheese/dips/wine (think delightful platters, cards, wine, music)

Training: none


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