Day 43 – 45 (16th – 18th June) Are you Training for a Summer Body or Creating Habits for a Lifetime?

“Summer bodies are made in winter”…

does this quote motivate you or irritate you?

It irritates me because I believe you should be living a life that represents health and wellness day in, day out, all year round…not just leading up to summer because you need to put a bikini on!

I’d be lying if I said that an upcoming holiday doesn’t motivate me to train harder but I don’t give up my training in winter simply because the bikini gets put away.

My most successful clients aren’t the ones jumping from diet to diet, or those training in September for summer…they are the people who continue to get out of bed on the dark, freezing winter mornings, who create a routine, and form habits…they make lifestyle changes

What is your motivation? Do you have a routine? Is that routine working for you? If not, make a decision. change something, or ask for guidance. Personal Training doesn’t have to be a long term commitment. may be 1 or 2 sessions to discuss your routine and help structure a program based on your goals.

My coaching teaches long term lifestyle changes. I do not encourage dieting of any kind…I do encourage finding a balance in your life.

Dietary record for day:

Breakfast: 2 x eggs, 2 rasher bacon, sautéed kale

Snacks: apple cinnamon protein slice, handful nuts

Lunch: (post workout) 2 x Taco’s – beef, cheese, sour cream, capsicum, lettuce

Dinner: (post workout) Spaghetti bolognaise (beef mince, homemade tomato sauce, zucchini spaghetti)

Dessert: Banana choc icecream (1 frozen banana blended with 1T of each cacao, rice malt syrup and almond butter)


10am – Leg strength session

6.30pm RPM Extreme (60 min)



Dietary record for day 44:

Breakfast: protein shake (coconut water, pinapple, banana, protein)

Snack: 2 x breakfast frittata (after gym) with kale chips, apple cinnamon protein slice,  avocado chocolate mousse, long black with cream, 2 x homemade chocolates

Lunch: Miso chicken & bacon pasta (zucchini spaghetti)

Dinner: Chorizo and roast beetroot hash


Super easy and full of flavour!

Simply chop 2 chorizo sausage, 2 roasted beetroot, 1 red onion, kale & walnuts and saute in pan! Delicious as a meal itself or as a side. This recipe is from Sarah Wilson’s “I quit sugar”


Dietary record for day 45:


Long black with 1T honey, banana

Snack: apple cinnamon protein slice, 1 handful mixed nuts

Lunch: Leftover chorizo and roast beetroot hash


Dinner: 2 x kangaroo kebab with salad and chorizo & beetroot hash


6.30am-  30min Flex & Stretch

9am –  30min RPM Xpress

12 noon – 45 min Flex & Stretch

7pm – 45 min Flex & Stretch


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