Day 30 (3rd June 2014): Half Way!

Here I am half way into my “60 Days of Transparency”. As discussed in yesterdays blog, I can’t place enough importance on re-assessing in order to move forward towards your goals – whatever they may be.

My goals for this 60 days were:
– to report my training and dietary intake for 60 days: so far I have managed to do this
– minimise refined sugar to just 2 days per week: I have been able to do that for 3 out of 4 weeks
– to include at least one strength session in my training schedule each week (outside of classes I instruct): I have managed to do this every week
– to limit my strikes (cheat meals) to 3/week – I believe I may have a 50% success rate in this so far

14 days in, I re-did my body composition and was on track towards my goals of dropping my body fat to 19% by the end of the 60 days. Although my results were positive, there is still room for improvement and rather than stating that my goals remain the same and I can put in more effort, I need a more concrete plan in place if I am to reach the end of this journey having formed new habits.

Cutting out refined sugar doesn’t mean missing out on those sweet treats we all love. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then making sure you always have a healthy option available will ensure you don’t reach for something you might regret. Unfortunately, being good at justifying things won’t get you closer to your goals! If hangover really means “pizza, takeaway and all things gross” for you – and you know this – then unfortunately, you need to save your strikes for that day. This is where I put 2 strikes on the board last week – I won’t even try to justify it!

Sticking to 3 strike (or cheat meals) per week doesn’t mean eating salads the rest of the time, it means being organised, thinking ahead, looking at your schedule, when you are home for dinner, or likely to make a poor decision and scheduling your strikes. By giving yourself these 3 strikes per week, you allow yourself to enjoy the foods you enjoy that don’t necessarily tick the nutrition boxes. It also allows you to remain sane, enjoy a social life and appreciate being in control the rest of the time. Learn from my mistake last week and do NOT waste one of those 3 strikes on missing a meal!

In regards to training, I am happy with my schedule. I have managed to include 4-6 high intensity sessions per week including RPM, boxing and GRIT, as well as 2-3 Flex & Stretch sessions and at least 1 strength session. Ideally I would increase the weights session to 2 per week so lets see if I can fit that in before RPM twice a week!

My friend cooked me an amazing dinner tonight, and I promise to share the recipes when I recreate them myself asap!

Dietary record for day 30:

Breakfast: 1/2 a Smoothie (banana, 1 cup milk, 1T cacao & peanut butter, 1 scoop why protein), long black with cream, 2 x omega 3 capsules

Snacks: 1/2 smoothie (from breakfast), handful satay broad beans from the Angry Almond

Lunch: DELICIOUS sweet potato fritters topped with a small tin of tuna, 1/2 and avocado, 1T sour cream and chives. 1 sourdough pita – for dipping (Post workout meal), 2 x greens capsules, 2 x omega 3 caps

Delicious post workout meal!

Delicious post workout meal!

Dinner: homemade pizza (dough was amazing – recipe coming soon! – Thanks Lauren!)
Dessert: Lemon slice (recipe to come although I can tell you the base was dates and oats, and the top was made of banana and lemon – almost like a sorbet!)


Clean Pizza – base made from spelt flour, coconut oil, water and chia seeds



GRIT PLYO 1pm – love love loved it Megan!


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