Day 27 (31st May 2014): Schedule Your Strikes Ahead of Time

I train so much during the week that sometimes come Saturday I am craving a rest day. And let’s face it – most opportunities for strikes or cheat meals will normally present themselves on a weekend when we are socializing. If this is the case for you, save your strike meals for the weekend, or if possible, fit in a workout session beforehand.

I was still feeling the effects of a headcold and came straight home from work to bed. Work this morning was a 6am bootcamp in Swanview after which I headed straight to the city for an 8am session plus a PT client. I did drag myself up for eggs and spinach on toast as well as greens supplements and my omega 3 capsules. The toast puts another strike on the board because we should try to limit carbs like bread and pasta to after a workout when our body best tolerates them. I figured this was better than nothing as I hadn’t eaten since yesterday afternoon and needed some energy as well as food in the belly before tonight’s fun.

We had a delicious dinner at Little Creatures for a mate’s birthday celebrations, as well as a couple of cheeky ciders and a celebratory champagne (I can’t help myself!). We headed back to his place for some more beverages and danced the night away! Does the dancing cancel out the Rum & coke zeros we consumed after that? Sadly no!

Dietary record for day 27:

Breakfast: white tea

Snacks: 1 mandarin, 3 ginger lollies, 1L Nirvana coconut water (YUM – I’m addicted…make sure you look for added sugar in coconut water)

Lunch: 2 eggs & wilted spinach on multi-grain bread

Dinner: 3 slices of chorizo and corn pizza, small serving nachos (Little Creatures), 2 x apple cider, 1 x champagne, 1 x Canadian club & dry, 2x sailor jerry rum and coke zero


Training: none!



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