Day 23 (27th May 2014): Looking Beneath the Number on the Scales

3 weeks into my “60 Days of Transparency”, I share with you my progress. If you have been following my blog  you will know that in the last 3 weeks I have had several decent strike meals, including pub meals, as well as a few birthday celebrations, and social events. My results are proof that it is possible to maintain a social life (and the food and beverages that go with that), as well as your sanity and still move closer to your goals.

Whether your goals are performance based, you want to change your body composition or implement a few new habits to get closer to your best self – it is possible. IF you are willing to look at that hard truths that are your weaknesses, downfalls, limiting factors or whatever you choose to call the reason you don’t look, feel or perform how you would like to right now. From there, you can set a few small goals and start moving in that direction. There will be times when you fall, or fail, or just don’t care and that is ok…so long as you pick yourself back up without the guilt and start dragging your feet until you can start to walk, jog and run again. (Metaphorically)


In week 1, my body composition results were as follows:

Body weight: 65kg

Fat mass: 13.7kg

Lean body mass (muscle, bone, blood, anything that isn’t fat): 51.2kg

Body fat %: 21.1%


Last night, my results came in at:

Body weight: 65kg (no change to overall weight)

Fat mass: 12.9kg (a loss of .8kg)

Lean body mass: 51.9kg (a gain of .7kg)

Body fat%: 19.9% (a loss of 1.2%)


I was certainly pleased with this progress, and I wanted to share this because too many people become obsessed by that number on the scales without understanding what is really going on! I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard clients say “I’ve been training so hard, and my weight isn’t going down”. Guess what?! Your body mass might not! That number you read on the scales is made up of your bones, your blood, your organs, your muscle, your fat, and your body water! Weight fluctuates daily for a number of reasons, so weighing yourself everyday (or worse, everytime you walk past the scales) is not healthy or accurate.

When taking girth measurements you may find that the numbers on the tape measure actually increase – don’t be afraid! Don’t throw in the towel yet! If you aren’t getting your heart  rate up, and your sweat on, in some form of gross high intensity type session a 1-2 times/week on top of your regular 10km jog (fantastic by the way but not high intensity) or your strength sessions at the gym, then you may be building muscle under that layer of fat that just won’t budge. No one loves being uncomfortable (although some of us do – I purposely participate in a GRIT plyometrics class weekly because I know I will hate every second of that 30 minutes, and swear at the instructor in my head, but I love to be pushed to that level – by someone else), but unfortunately, you have to step past that safe zone we all like to stay in, to make changes.

You have heard it a million times before and I am here to tell you again – your body gets used to doing the same thing over and over again. We need to make everything we do a practice, we need to try a heavier weight, or include a new (gross) class in our fitness regime, or switch up our 10km river jog for a hill sesh (yuck – take a friend), or an interval session. If you are not happy with your fitness level, or your body composition, or the way you feel – choose one small habit to change. Every single one of you can do that…one small change. Once you have decided what this will be – tell someone, because that makes you accountable.

The cheapest, and most accurate way to assess body composition, to find out the breakdown of your fat mass and lean body mass to obtain a body fat percentage, is to have skin fold testing and girth measurements done. Although not pleasant (more so to the ego than literally), these figures will give you a starting point, allow you to set measurable goals and track progress. The individual readings (as in, the skinfold site readings and specific girth measurments) will allow you to see where you are making the most progress (be it gain if that is your goal, or losing body fat).

To book a body composition session with me (which also includes a postural analysis), click here


Dietary record for day 23:

Breakfast: Coconut protein pancakes (delicious – RECIPE below)

Snacks: slice of nut/seed loaf, 1 x homemade chocolate, 1/3 cup cashews, 2 x breakfast frittata

Lunch: Veggie fettuccine (will share this one next week!)

Dinner: Chicken and sweetcorn soup (the easiest dinner you will ever make – AND kid friendly)

Dessert: 1 x homemade chocolate (these bad boys are around 50 calories woop woop)



30 minute boxing session 4pm


Protein pancakes

Coconut Protein Pancakes:


2 tbsp. coconut flour

2 tbsp. LSA

3 tbsp. protein powder

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 teaspoon chia seeds

1 tbsp. shredded coconut

1 egg

2 tbsp. coconut milk


Blend dry ingredients in a bowl, before adding wet ingredients. Pour approx. 2 tbsp. of batter into frypan for each pancake – I made 3. Top with your choice of fruit and ENJOY!


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