Day 22 (26th May 2014): A New Training Venue!!

The downside of working outside all the time is the possibility of numbers dwindling in winter. Yes, yes I know that the hard-core train in the rain, and yes, it’s refreshing if it starts raining during a session. But not even I want to wander down to bootcamp in the pouring rain!

Out in Swan View I am fortunate enough to use an undercover area at the highschool, however aside from corporate clients allowing me to train them in boardrooms/conference rooms or PT clients having me in their garages, there didn’t seem to be anywhere in the city area to take my sessions in winter. Then appeared “Smart Space” – 464 William Street! A funky, warehouse like venue that is PERFECT for our sessions! Thanks Riccardo for having us!



Partner supine plank and tricep dips


Emma working us hard!

Emma working us hard!

There is now no excuse for not training during winter! Our sessions are ALWAYS different, and that’s the beauty of having several different trainers. They each have their own training style that appeals to different individuals. We would love to have you down at one of our 9 sessions/week (CBD and Swan View), so head to our booking site for all session times!

We welcome all fitness levels!


Dietary record for day 21:

Breakfast: 2 x breakfast frittata

Snacks: 1 cup red grapes, protein shake, slice of “life changing bread”, soy long mac, long black with cream

Lunch: 2 x mountain bread wrap with ham, cheese, spinach

Dinner: leftover spaghetti and meatballs

Dessert: Banana AND avocado choc mousse (combines my 2 usual recipes – this serves 2… 1 banana, 1 avocado, 2 x medjool dates, 2 tablespoon cacao)



Bootcamp (mainly boxing and upper body thank goodness as I could barely walk after the run yesterday!) 6pm – Thanks Emma, great session! For your FREE Trial sessions, click here





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