Day 21 (25th May 2014): Race day & Sunday Afternoon Cooking Class


It was race day and a lucky day it seemed! My training for the HBF Run for a Reason was basically non-existent (aside from a 2.4km and 3km run with my sexy new running bud), so I can thank my 4 RPM classes each week for a new personal best: 12km in 58.4 YEOW! And also my friend Lauren who kept me on my toes the entire race (We both admitted afterwards that we were trying to beat the other).

Fun runs are always an awesome vibe. Aside from that, you are supporting an important cause AND they are a great excuse to train towards something! So…what’s next? Book yourself in for the 2014 City to Surf, and join me Tuesday mornings in the city for interval training! Click here for more info 🙂

Fun runs always earn a tasty breakfast so you can bet your bottom dollar we went out for a delicious breakfast after the race. I chose breakfast bruschetta at Three Leaf Café in Joondalup.


Breakfast Bruschetta

I spent the afternoon showing my lovely mother just how easy a bit of Sunday afternoon prep will make the week ahead. In 2 hours we managed to whip up:

– Breakfast frittatas

– Homemade chocolates

– Nut/seed loaf

– Spaghetti & Meatballs (dinner that night plus lunch the following day)

– Chicken and sweetcorn soup (for lunches during the week)


Breakfast Frittatas

Breakfast Frittatas – Great if you don’t have time for a sit down meal in the AM. Wrap in lots of two and eat on the way to work. I like them cold, but you could heat them up and even add a side salad and have for lunch. Recipe here

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti and Meatballs

This serves 4 and is EVEN better the next day! Recipe here


Homemade chocolates (refined sugar free)

You can get SO creative with these. I have found that small cup size patty pans work best (and if you are likely to have 2, they end up being the same size as one of the medium patty pans I have previously used for the peanut butter cups. Recipe here

Life changing loaf indeed!

Life changing loaf indeed!

This loaf is absolutely AMAZING and I thank my friend Vic for sharing it with me (and for the recipe!) It is so easy to make, full of healthy fats and great anytime! Do yourself a favour, cook up a loaf, slice it up and wrap in individual serves to make it easy to grab for work. Recipe here

If your week is crazy busy (and whose isn’t these days?), then a bit of prep on a Sunday will get you through the week with a few strikes to spare on the weekend.

Mobile cooking parties COMING SOON!


Dietary record for day 21:

Breakfast: pre-rrun (half a banana),

(post run 11am) breakfast frittata, long black with cream

Snacks: homemade chocolate x 2, long black with cream

Dinner: Sausage casserole, 500ml coconut water mmmmm


Training: 12km run in 58.04 (I’m SUPER proud of myself haha)




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