Day 19: (23rd May 2014): Two Date Nights in One Week!

What are the chances of being able to book 2 Gold Class seats together for a Friday night – the night before?! Usually very slim! We were lucky on this occasion and this meant two date nights in one week! With a schedule like mine, watching a movie after 8pm usually ends in me drooling in a deep sleep. This is no reflection on the movie – ever – just the result of working shift work and being a morning person.

Anyway, if you are going to do the whole gold class thing, I think you may as well enjoy the dining experience (despite it being a total rip off!). Plus I wasn’t willing to put a strike up on the board so we headed to the gym beforehand for a quick strength sesh to justify whatever it was we would be consuming!

We didn’t have much time at the gym so we structured our session in a superset-like fashion. We paired up dumbbell bench press (where I managed to lift 15kg DB’s YEOW!) with chest flys (or for me skull-crushers), lat pulldowns with seated rows. We finished with bicep 21’s just to top it off – always a good burn!

Tasting plate @ Gold Class

Tasting plate @ Gold Class


Dietary record for day 19:

Breakfast: smoothie (1/2 cup raspberries, 1 cup water, 1 scoop protein powder)

Snacks: 2 homemade chocolates, protein shake, an apple

Lunch: Quiche with salad (Sayers in Leederville), soy long mac

Dinner: shared tasting platter at Gold class – I would have eaten 1.5 sliders, a few sweet fries (sweet potato and regular potato), 1 x chicken wing with ranch sauce, 2 glasses white wine

Dessert – shared tasting plate which had brownie, a sundae and churros, 1 x baileys on ice



RPM Xpress at noon

Strength session 7pm


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