Day 18 (22nd May 2014): “Every Moment Offers Choice”

I had the phrase in the title of this post tattooed on my wrist 2 years ago to be a constant reminder to myself. The position you are in right this moment…you are there because of choices you have made…and right here in this moment…you have a choice. Every moment offers choice. Choice in how you will react in a situation, a choice in how you will interpret a situation, choice in how you will treat others, treat yourself and whether you turn left or right as you walk out that door.

Now, the choices you made to get you where you are today may not have been seen as the right ones, but who decides that? Society? Don’t get me started. If we can try to come from a place of love in any situation, in our dealings with anyone (friends, family or strangers) then we can’t go wrong.

What does this have to do with fitness or nutrition? The relevance is HUGE! Every single time you put something in your mouth – make it a conscious decision. If you train, see your food as fuel for performance. Even if you don’t train, try to look at food as fuel. Fuel in order to function at your optimum, more energy, a healthier complexion, better sleep, balanced hormones – need I say more?


Dietary record for day 18:

Breakfast: raspberry and vanilla protein shake, long black

Snacks, coconut energy bar, handful of mixed nuts, an apple, 2 x homemade chocolates, white tea with a sweetener

Lunch: roast pumpkin wrap, lamb barley soup, soy long mac (chimbolina’s in Dalkeith)

Dinner: Won ton soup, 5-10(?) prawn crackers



RPM (6am)



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