Day 17 (21st May 2014): Things Clients Ask Me – What to Eat when Dining Out?

My answer to that will depend a) on your goals, b) if you have any strikes (cheat meals) remaining for the week or c) if you have trained before you head out (which can be linked in with point a).

a) Your goals – if your goal is to drop body fat, and you haven’t trained in the 3 hours prior to your dining experience, I would be sticking to a meal free from processed, starchy carbohydrates (think pastas, rices, bread etc). Instead – load up on a delicious fish or chicken dish (any protein), and a side of vegetables or salad. Sound boring? Please refer to point b.

b) PLAN A STRIKE MEAL!!! If you know you have a dinner coming up on the weekend, or a breakfast on Saturday morning, then schedule a strike meal. You can still move in a positive direction towards your goals with 3 strike meals per week and compliance in your training, so use the “strike method” to maintain sanity and enjoy one of the best things in life – FOOD! Remember, if you are aiming for 90% compliance with your nutrition, that will give you a 10% buffer – around 3 meals/week. A strike is a “non-compliant meal”, so actually if you train before heading out to dinner, then in my books – it isn’t a strike! Yeow!

Some may argue this point – and that’s fine. I want to teach my clients organisation, planning ahead, self control and a healthy balance. So… if you have a schedule that sees you eating out 3 or 4 times a week, then we can implement a few guidelines to ensure that you aren’t striking your way through the week before the weekend even rears its celebratory head!

Eating out doesn’t always have to mean a strike. There ARE healthy choices on a menu and here is something you may not know…(I certainly wouldn’t have considered it). You can order your burger without a bun…AND MINUS CHIPS?! Are you joking?! A burger without a bun? I’m getting a bun and you know what else?! I’m ordering chips too!!! If I’m going to Grilled…I’m getting a burger WITH  bun, and you can be sure as hell I’ll be ordering chips also. (Please note: the chips are usually shared). I’m sorry for yelling, but I’m getting passionate now. I work hard, and occasionally I go out for a meal and allow myself to order whatever I want – sometimes. Even If I haven’t trained in the hours prior. Allowing myself these strike meals eliminates the guilt. If I can fit in a session in the hours prior to a meal out, then sure, I’ll do it. It’s all part of being organized. But if I’m doing several classes in the morning, I’m not going to do a 3rd or 4th session to avoid a strike – that’s what strikes are for.

If you are someone who only trains in the morning, and have client dinners frequently, then the fact of the matter is you need to get smart about ordering out. If fat loss is your goal, and it is impossible to train before dinner because you are going straight from the office, then you need to account for these nights when scheduling your strikes. Or learn to order the meals that are higher in proteins and carbohydrates in the form of vegetables. Alcohol counts as a sugary carbohydrate source, so if you are having a few glasses of wine, be mindful when ordering your meal! A few glasses of vino, that delicious bread roll and next thing you know you have consumed a days worth of carbohydrates in one meal!

If you are someone who loves food, and who has an attitude similar to mine (I’m going out, you better believe I’m having that chips on the side of my burger in A BUN), then your goal will be planning. You can’t have that slice of cake and eat it too -you can’t enjoy the social lifestyle, eating out all the time, drinks every weekend, coffee and cake dates during the week  AND reach your goal of losing body fat – it’s not realistic. Behaviours need to match your goals, so take a look at your schedule, pencil in the likely strike meals and try to plan your training beforehand – OR… schedule a strike.


Dietary record for day 17:

Breakfast: Smoothie – 1 banana, 1 tablespoon each of peanut butter (100% natural), honey & cacao

Snacks: 2 x mini choc cup (homemade – refined sugar free), handful mixed nuts, apple, white tea with 1 stevia

Lunch: 3 x corn fritters (I can’t remember the name of the cafe), soy long mac

Dinner:  bowl of stilton, broccoli & cauliflower soup (YUM), barramundi on top of purple carrot & zucchini spaghetti with leftover soup as sauce


Barramundi with purple carrot and zucchini spaghetti topped with with cauliflower and stilton sauce!







Dessert: Avocado choc mousse

6am – 30 minute pilates/core class
9am – RPM XPRESS (30 min)
1pm – 45 min Flex & Stretch class


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