Day 16 (20th May 2014) I Love What I do Because I do What I Love

My weeks are half work, half play. When you work in this industry, clients want to train before or after work which means shift work for a personal trainer and….generally time for pedicures and coffee dates during the day (ok and nanna naps.)

The perks of working for yourself  in the fitness industry  (if you can afford to take the plunge into this uncertain and competitive environment) far outweigh the 4.30am alarm. And if you plan it right, learn to say no and remember to book in time for yourself, then the life of a personal trainer is AWESOME! Who wouldn’t want to have awesome conversations with different people everyday, continually learn new training techniques to share with clients, work outside,  help people find their way to happiness and health, get paid to work out, and wear comfortable gym clothes everyday? WHO?!

My week looks a little something like this:

Monday – sleep in – no work until 3pm when I have 2 x PT clients then RPM

Tuesday – I alternate a 6am running session with another trainer – (so we each sleep in every 2nd week), I then attend a GRIT class for my own training then catch up with a friend Tuesday afternoons for a boxing sesh (yes that’s right – either 1 hour of work or NONE on Tuesdays)

Wednesdays – Again I alternate a 6am sessions with a trainer (so if I work 6am Tuesday I sleep in Wed), I then have RPM at 9am, head to a respite centre to do chair aerobics with the oldies, back to the city for a corporate Flex & Stretch in the boardroom before a PT client and another corporate bootcamp at 5.30pm in the city

Thursday – 6am RPM, a breakfast catch up with friends or home for a cooked breakfast, no more work until 3pm when I have 2 PT clients and a corporate bootcamp in the city

Friday – 6am PT client, 7.30am Corporate Flex & Stretch in the boardroom and RPM at 12 (Friday afternoons OFF)

Saturday – Alternate a 6am session (If I do Wed 6am I don’t do Sat – this is so I only have 3 or 4 early starts/week – to maintain sanity), 8am bootcamp in Kings Park, 2 PT clients and done by lunchtime

Sunday – DAY OFF

Now…this ends up being around 20 hours of actual PT sessions/classes, but another 20-30 hours is spent driving (I live in Joondalup and have clients in Fremantle, Dalkeith, Applecross, the CBD and Swan View), planning sessions/marketing and studying. It’s go go go but I have no complaints and consider myself very lucky to be where I am in the industry 3 years after obtaining my qualifications at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

It is sooooo easy to say yes yes yes when starting out in the fitness industry. You take work whenever you can get it and your own fitness is generally what gets pushed aside. So take a look at your schedule, block out time for yourself and for the rest of your week – GO NUTS if you so wish 🙂

Finding a balance is so important, and if you can do that, the industry is your oyster!

If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, email me for more information!



Dietary record for day 16: Breakfast: ham and cheese scramble with sauteed kale (2 eggs, 1 large slice of ham, 1/2 cup grated cheese)

Snack: chopped apple, 1/3 cup mixed nuts, 2 homemade chocolates (mini – I used an icecube tray with mini round holes this time)

Lunch: zucchini spaghetti with roast chicken, 1/2 avocado & homemade red pepper pesto

Dinner: at the pub (for an amazing gig – Check out Boston & Chevy on youtube) 3 slices baba ganoush pizza, 2 peking duck croquettes, 2 mexican enchiladas? ??? (They werent called that), 2 x middy beer, 1 x red wine

Training: Les Mills GRIT Plyo 1pm

Boxing Session (30 min) 4pm (so still within my window for a higher carb meal but It did include refined sugar – so that leaves me with 1 more day this week)




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