Day 14 (18th May 2014): Sunday Funday

My day started with a run along the beautiful coast. I am coaching my partner towards his very first running event in August (the 12km City to Surf). He is an absolute non-runner, so I am very proud of him for increasing his distance to 3km AND doing it on a hilly course between Burns Beach and Mullaloo!

Beach run

Beach run

I was celebrating my birthday today at the Garden in Leederville, so I would certainly be striking my way through the afternoon. We shared a yummy pork sausage pizza and chips and the drinks were flowing. I stuck to apple cider mostly but did feel the need for a celebratory champagne. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t also sample the warm “Rum Punch” and pop next door to the Leederville for an Espresso Martini…YUM!

Birthday rum punch with the twin bro

Birthday rum punch with the twin bro

It is important to remember that alcohol (and other liquids) DO count towards caloric intake… now im not suggesting you count calories (ain’t nobody got time for that!), but alcohol does yield 9 calories/gram and that’s before you account for mixers, so for this reason as well as the obvious ones, try to limit your alcohol intake. Drink responsibly when you do, and try not to make poor choices the following day when all you want is that burger and chips! If you know it’s likely you will feel like reaching for something oily and or fried after a night out, plan ahead and stock the fridge with non take-out food that you’ll be happy to eat. You can still make a healthy homemade pizza or big veggie pasta or even toast a ham & cheese wrap. Hydrate throughout the night and before going to bed and wake up feeling FRESH! How good does it feel to have a productive Sunday with no hangover!

Sunday = Funday and preparation day for the week ahead so schedule a 2 hour kitchen sesh to get eggs boiling, breakfast frittatas baking and double dinner for lunch leftovers. Puffed millet bars take 10 minutes to make and smoothies can be quickly blended and put in the fridge overnight if you are an early riser and don’t want to be waking the family with the blender at 5am!

Dietary record for day 14:

Breakfast: banana (before run) 2 eggs & bacon (no greens – very naughty)

Snacks: puffed millet bar, 1/2 subway cookie & soy long mac

Lunch: 2 slices pizza and a few fries

Drinks: 3 x apple cider, 1 x champagne, 1 x warm rum punch (tasted like Christmas in a cup) and espresso martini (I promised honesty so there it is! I drank all of that in 7 hours FYI), Vitamin water, 500ml mineral water

Dinner: 3 slices CRUST pizza – delicious Peri Peri Chicken (pizza twice in one day?! I knew today would be a strike-a-thon though so no guilt)

Training: 3km hilly run


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