Day 12 (16th May 2014): Resisting Temptations

I have managed to steer clear of refined sugar for 5 days this week so far! Having had Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and Marvellous waved under my nose (literally) it felt good to say “no”. Actually that’s a lie… my words were in fact “you as%#ole – how can you eat that in front of me?!” Ha ha.

There will always be temptations and the recipe for success is being aware of what yours are . That way when they turn up under your nose you can say no, at least sometimes. Know your triggers. It is very easy to just say “arghhh go on then”, “just a little bit”, “I’ll start again tomorrow”. BUT if you can at that weak moment stop, remember your goals, actually consider what you are about to eat AND how you will feel afterwards, it will become a conscious decision. Im not necessarily talking mentally (guilt), but physically. I LOVE chocolate and I LOVE bread,  but my stomach feels disgusting after I eat it now – as in actually sore. So if I can tap into that feeling,  and have another option within reach – I can say no.

Now it may sound like WAYYYYYYY too much thought for one simple situation but if you are trying to make change, you can identify your weaknesses. Then this somewhat lengthy seeming process can be effective in creating new habits for you. It may be Fred’s birthday in the office and he may have bought in a delicious birthday cake and everyone else may be hoeing into a slice. If you haven’t used your strikes and don’t have scheduled strike meals planned for the rest of the week then dive in and enjoy!  My point is… everyone else doesn’t have the same goals as you. There will always be temptation – it’s how you deal with it that will distinguish how soon you see the results you are hoping for.

I have birthday drinks planned for this Sunday and tomorrow is a trip to “Takas kitchen” in Fremantle where I MUST get the Teriyaki fish (which is sure to have sugar in it), so staying in control during the week has paid off.

Dietary record for day 12:
Breakfast: Granola (at Venn Bar) – BEST granola I have ever had chia seeds, puffed quinoa and other delicious grains with berries & yoghurt


Snacks: 2 x breakfast frittata, nut/seed loaf, 6 mini sugarfree licorice pieces

Lunch: leftover chicken, chorizo pasta (zucchini spaghetti)

Dinner: pesto chicken pizza (precision nutrition recipe – an “anytime meal” as carb content less than 25%)

Find the recipe here.

AM Flex & Stretch class



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