Day 11 (15th May 2014): Does your Workplace Offer a Wellness Program?

There is never a dull moment in this industry and if you don’t want to work in a gym. ..guess what?! You don’t have to!!

I worked at UWA Fitness Centre a few years after obtaining my qualification as a trainer and I am grateful mainly for the people I met in this role, as well as the opportunities I got while working there. Ultimately it was my love for the outdoors and the freedom to work for myself that saw me take the plunge into the unknown in mid-2013 to work solely for myself.  A huge risk in this industry, however I have been lucky enough to always have enough work to keep me busy.

They say it’s about who you know, and I was SO lucky to get a foot in the door to the corporate world very quickly where I have several long term clients. They offer sessions for their staff as part of a wellness program. One client offers 2 sessions per week for their staff, including an outdoor bootcamp session and boardroom “Flex & Stretch”. Flex & Stretch reaches out to a wider audience – some people don’t want to sweat it out at an outdoor session and are more likely to attend a low impact,  lower intensity type session focusing more on breathing, core and stretching. Another allows me to run boxing sessions in their conference room throughout winter when its too dark and cold (or wet) to run our sessions in Kings Park.

If you think that your colleagues may be interested in attending a corporate session, speak to your HR department and find out if it something they would consider offering staff.  One of my clients simply subsidizes the sessions for staff so the price for participants is very minimal but by paying that small fee for 10 weeks of sessions,  they are more likely to stay committed because they have invested in it themselves.

Corporate sessions allow colleagues to get to know one another in a fun environment outside of the office. You may be paired up with someone from a different department (someone you would never normally cross paths with) or end up boxing with your boss (that’s always going to be interesting depending on your relationship ha ha).

Most companies have a budget for this, and healthy employees are productive and HAPPY! Email me at or head to the corporate section of my website for more info!

See what other corporate clients have to say here.

Sessions can be tailored to focus on a specific events such as City to Surf  – (why not book 8 or 12 weeks of running sessions for your office), or Tough Mudder (think bootcamp style sessions). FREE TRIAL SESSION available to see if it’s for you!

Last year we ran social sports sessions for one of my corporate clients once a month (think touch rugby, ultimate Frisbee) and even put together a sports carnival for the office! They even book me to run sessions in their housing estates during school holidays for children! Is this something you could offer your clients?

Dietary record for day 11:

Breakfast: 2 x breakfast frittatas (post workout)

Snacks: nut seed loaf, licorice tea, 2 x choc puff slice (recipe below)

Lunch: leftover beef & vegetable fettuccine (recipe shared next week when I can get a good photo)

Dinner: DELICIOUS chicken,  chorizo & sundried tomatoes atop zucchini spaghetti with basil pesto

Dessert: Avocado choc mousse

choc puff slice

choc puff slice

Choc puff slice:

3 cups of puffed millet

1/2 cup honey

1/4 cup coconut butter

3 teaspoons cacao

Melt the honey, coconut butter and cacao and stir through millet. Press into tin and refrigerate!  Cut into squares or muesli bar size logs and ENJOY!

Chicken, chorizo & sundried tomatoes atop zucchini spaghetti

Chicken, chorizo & sundried tomatoes atop zucchini spaghetti


RPM 6am – I love this class. Awesome studio, done by 6.45am, feel great!

No strikes to record this week as yet! Saving them for birthday lunch and drinks Sunday 🙂


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