Day 10: (14th May 2014): What Motivates You?

Do group sessions motivate you? Are you competitive? Do you work harder in an environment where you are comparing yourself to others or do they completely intimidate you?  Group sessions have an awesome energy, combine various training methods (so you don’t get used to doing the same thing over and over again OR get bored) AND if you commit to going along with someone you will most likely turn up! If your plans to train are made with good intentions at the beginning of the week but don’t seem to eventuate you need to look at why. If work keeps you back late, train in the morning and get it out the way. If you are not a morning person consider a lunch time session. Even a 30 minute strength session is better than nothing,  won’t have you sweating too much and still gives you 30 minutes to get changed and eat! You need to come up with a plan that fits into your schedule…a plan you can stick to!

I have 4 outdoor group sessions in the city every week and 4 out in Swan View. I want everyone to experience these sessions so I an offering 2 FREE trial sessions for new clients.  With a variety of times to choose from and fantastic instructors who can adapt sessions for any fitness level or injury, there is something for everyone. Sessions incorporate boxing, kettlebells, interval training and more!  We know it can sometimes be intimidating to train with other people so drag a friend or family member along with you if you want! I remember years ago (I’m talking about 6 years ago) I refused to go to body pump without my sister or a friend because I needed to have someone there beside me to complain to ha ha.

Most people train harder and with more purpose when they are training toward a specific event, a goal (be it to feel better, perform better or look better), the summer season, or a holiday! Now I’m not encouraging anyone to train for short term, superficial events such as the summer season or a holiday, it is much healthier to maintain a balanced lifestyle year round. But if is an event (I’m talking a sporting event or a fun run or adventure race) that is going to get you out of bed at 6am to train during winter, or heading along to a bootcamp then BOOK IT IN! By paying for an event you are committing to it, and then training towards the event will end up being more of a big deal than race day. It’s as much about the journey, as it is the destination…

If you are not a gym person, then head to an outdoor session and see if that is more your style. If you hate group training altogether but don’t know enough about fitness to work out on your own, then book a few PT sessions to learn the ropes. That’s what we are here for!

Sit down and write out your goals, then look your schedule and decide what you can realistically fit in. Don’t start too big. If you can fit in 1 or 2 sessions per week when you have been doing nothing – fantastic. You can’t compare where you are at now with any other period in your life because the circumstances now are not – cannot – be exactly as they were then.


Dietary record for day 1

Breakfast: 2 x breakfast frittata (recipe in yesterdays blog)

Snack: choc banana smoothie (banana, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, honey, cacao, 1 cup milk), banana coconut ice-cream (recipe below), 1 homemade muesli bar (recipe in yesterdays blog)

Lunch: bowl of chicken and sweet corn soup, 2 x sweet potato fritters with bacon

Dinner: beef & vegetable fettuccine


Banana coconut icecream – blend a partially defrosted frozen banana with 1/2 cup shredded coconut, 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 2 medjool dates. Top with hazelnuts YUM!








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