Day 8 (11th May 2014): A new week

What were my weaknesses during my first 7 days of blogging? What new goals would I put in place this week to see that I stay focused and on track?

Last week was an unusual week ( ha ha such a cliché thing to say when owning up with a food diary). “I don’t normally eat like that”, I’ve heard it a million times before from my clients and I knew that by starting this blog the week of my birthday would be interesting, so it is what it is.

By keeping a dietary record we can look back on yesterday and make better choices tomorrow, and we can then look back on the week as a whole and highlight the areas that need more attention. We need to set high-level outcome based goals that are our overall goals (i.e. I would like to drop my body fat to 19%), but we also need to set small, specific behavioural goals which are the steps we will take in getting us to that end result i.e. train 4 times/week or monitor caloric intake or focus on the timing of carbohydrate intake. I set myself weekly or even daily goals and I verbalise them to my partner or write them on my vision board so they are out there and I am accountable to someone…or just myself! There is always room for improvement in every single thing we do, and I think it’s important to understand that.


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Knowing my own routine, how much time I spend in the car, how little time I have after classes and before my next PT session, I know I need to be more organised, carry more food with me, eat out less and remember my overall goals.

Looking back on week 1 I consumed way too much fat in the form of nuts – we need to be consuming 1/3 of our fat intake from each of the categories listed below. I also had a 3rd “sugar strike day” and didn’t get a run in due to injury. My goals remain the same for the week in terms of 5 days refined sugar free, my training schedule will have an additional boxing session and plyo class and I plan to drag Mark out for a 3km run on Sunday before my birthday celebrations – there…I said it…now I have to do it!

Saturated fats (animals fats): eggs, dairy, meats, butter, cheese, coconut oil, palm oil.

Monounsaturated fats: macadamias, pecans, cashews, almonds, olives, olive oils, avocado, tahini, pumpkin seeds, pistachios.

Polyunsaturated fats: fish oil, hemp oil, algae oil, brazil nuts, chia seeds, peanuts, soy nuts, walnuts, flax seeds, flax seed oil, sunflower seeds.

Most of my fat intake was coming from the monounsaturated sources, (I’d say around half), followed by saturated fats (in the form of eggs, meat and cheese) and not enough polyunsaturated fats. In previous weeks I had dehydrated flax crackers around so my fat intake would have been more evenly distributed. I made a trip to the “Angry Almond” – (the western suburbs version of Kakulas Sisters) and stocked up on flax seeds, chia seeds, millet and more to get my bake on this week.

Fat contains the highest amount of calories compared to the other macronutrients, so be mindful when smashing back handful after handful of the convenient snack that is nuts. I often add them to salads, or chuck a few on top of yoghurt. Don’t forget that nut butters added to smoothies or desserts are also contributing to fat intake. It’s not hard to go way beyond your recommended intake.

Calories/gram of fat, protein and carbohydrates below…AND alcohol

Fat – 9 calories/gram

Protein – 4 calories/gram

Carbohydrates – 4 calories/gram

Alcohol – 7 calories/gram (many of us seem to forget about our liquid calories!)


Dietary record for day 8:

Breakfast: 3 eggs – scrambled, with sautéed spinach and green tea

Snacks: boiled egg, handful honey cashews (I made a delicious banana, cacao protein smoothie and left it on the bench, so opted for nuts from the “Angry Almond”)

Lunch: leftover wonton soup (minus the wontons which I fished out last night)

Dinner: Chicken and corn soup and 2 x sweet potato & tuna fritters,

Dessert – banana choc mousse (blend 1 partially defrosted frozen banana with 1 tablespoon of each – cacao, honey, peanut butter)



AM: upper body weight sesh at the gym (dumbell bench press, assisted chin ups, seated row, biceps 21’s and a disgusting finisher that was a superset of med ball chest throws and push ups 10/1, 9/2, 8/3 etc to finish with 1 ball throw and 10 push ups – OUCH. It feels great to be progressing in my weights!)

PM: RPM Xtreme (60 minutes)

I’m feeling great and looking forward to an awesome week! Happy Tuesday everyone!



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