Day 7 (11th May 2014): My Body Composition Revealed

Well, I promised I would share with you my body composition results, so here they are from week 1 and I will be re-measuring these again on Day 60…

Body weight: 65kg

Fat mass: 13.7kg

Lean body mass (muscle, bone, blood, anything that isn’t fat): 51.2kg

Body fat %: 21.1%

Realistically, I’d like to see my lean body mass increase by at least 1-2kg in the next 7 weeks and my body fat % decrease to at least 19.5-20%. I do think this is realistic given the inclusions of specific sessions in my training regime and the lifestyle and nutrition choices I am implementing. It is so important to look back on yesterday, or last week and decide what you will do differently today, or in the week ahead. This is important not only for nutrition, but in life in everything you do.

Every single RPM class I instruct, I try to have a different focus. I offer new challenges for my participants. I am constantly trying to learn and broaden my scope of knowledge – and in this industry there is always something new to learn, new research coming out, new training methods and new diets (I hate diets).

So tomorrow morning I will set my goals for the week ahead. We won’t always meet these goals, but they will give us something to strive for. This applies for both nutrition and training. I need specific goals for my nutrition, and my fitness really improves when I am training toward something,

be it an event or striving for specific body composition results. Both of these will lead to feeling awesome and performing better by having an effective plan in place.

It was Mothers Day today so lunch was at the Dalby residence for a soup and bread FEAST. There were about 5 different soups to choose from, and I tried 2 of them – amazing potato and leek (made by Julie) and tomato (Thanks Jade – delicious!). I didn’t even attempt saying no to the sourdough bread. There are times when I can be strong, but not dipping bread in soup today was not going to be one of them. I did however manage to resist the pavlova, salted caramel cups and rice bubble slice (which I will be trying as a refined sugar free recipe for the kids this week).

I celebrated with my own amazing mum at a movie in the afternoon (CHEF – great movie! definitely recommend it!) and coffee and cake afterwards (cake was actually a RAW energy ball and coffee was actually a rooibos latte).

Dinner was takeaway after another busy busy day – wonton soup. Oh wonton soup…where have you been all my life?! Way too big for me to finish so I can look forward to that for lunch tomorrow.


Rooibos Latte & Raw Energy Ball

Dietary record for day 7:

Breakfast: A delicious omelette with chorizo, feta, sundried tomatos and spinach (leftover ingredients from antipasto cups I had made for the engagement party)

Snacks: homemade choc cup x 2, soy long mac, rooibos latte, half a raw ball (nuts and seeds), long black

Lunch:  small bowl of soup x 2 (tomato, potato and leek), 1.5 slice sourdough bread

Dinner: Wonton soup (half a very large serve), 5 prawn crackers

Training: none



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