Day 6 (10th May 2014): Birthday blogging

Calories don’t count on your birthday. ..I’m sure you may have heard this before,  or wished it were true? As far as I’m concerned it is a day you should do whatever it is that will make you happy – and if that is smashing back cake, or eating out for breakfast, lunch & dinner then I think you should. If it is sticking to current goals and making mindful choices that will put a smile on your dial, then please, continue on…

I had a delightful breakfast with Mum, Dad & my partner at the “Naked Fig” in Swanbourne, sharing Grizzly bear pancakes and eggs on fire – the old faithfuls! I had a lot of running around to do on my birthday (including choosing a colour scheme and wool for a knitted blanket I was having made as a birthday present to myself – something only a 31 year old would be doing on their birthday?? ha ha) so lunch was going to be leftovers from dinner last night.

Grizzly Bear Pancakes mmmm

I had a friends engagement party that night and there was bound to be plenty of delicious finger foods which is why I had scheduled a “strike day” for today.

Dietary record for day 6:

Breakfast: Long black x 2, shared Grizzly bear pancakes (pancakes, bacon and maple syrup) and eggs on fire (scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, potato rosti and jalepenos)

Snacks: 2 x homemade choc cups

Lunch: leftover steak & prawns, fresh kale chips, a mountain bread wrap with bacon and cheese

Dinner: (At engagement party) 4 x glass champagne, beef & gravy roll, antipasto cup, 1 small thai sausage roll and dessert to go… profiterole, mini red velvet cupcake, brownie YUM – safe to say I got my good ole strike on today 🙂 Happy Birthday to me!

Training: Non existent

Grizzly Bear Pancakes mmmm

Grizzly Bear Pancakes mmmm


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