Day 5 (9th May 2014): Eating around a busy schedule

My day started at 5am and I wouldn’t be home until around 6pm. Having been out until after 9pm last night, and being a complete nanna nowadays (in pjs and ready for bed around 8.30pm) I had no food organized for today other than grabbing an apple as I ran out the door. I would have to purchase my meals today but this doesn’t mean a day of strikes – it meant a day of mindful choices.

After a PT client in Fremantle I was heading into the CBD to deliver my awesome new flyers to any cafes that would take them. I needed some fuel before my RPM class at 10.30 so I headed to “Greenhouse” on St Georges Terrace and ordered the “Smoked Trout with Poached eggs, rosti, kale and beetroot”…AMAZING!  a good balance of alkaline and acid forming foods and not too much in my belly for an intense session at the gym. Did you know you should always pair eggs with some form of greens because of the high acidity of eggs? From now on I want you to implement this new rule – no eggs without greens…how do you do this if you smash back boiled eggs on the go? Greens capsules my friends…I use “Vitamineral Greens” by Health Force Super Foods – order on

Smoked Trout with Poached eggs, Potato Rosti, Beetroot and Kale

Smoked Trout with Poached eggs, Potato Rosti, Beetroot and Kale

It was one of those days where I had tried to fit in too much -it is especially on these days you need to be more prepared! I knew I would be heading straight from RPM to the hairdressers and straight from the hairdressers to another client and my beautician but I had no food prepared so I stopped in at the supermarket after my class and grabbed some fresh ham, greek salad and a banana to see me through until the afternoon. The silly thing is, I had plenty of snacks at home but if I don’t organize this the night before, it’s not going to happen. I may be a morning person (I’m talking alarm goes off boing, boing, boing, LETS GO!), but I still like to maximize my sleep so my alarm goes off 15-20 min before I need to be out the door. I usually have all of my clothes in the bathroom and food in the fridge, ready to grab and off I go.

I’m trying to be mindful of my coffee intake (there is so much to consider when it comes to coffee and caffeine – how people metabolize this differently, our circadian rythym and natural highs and lows throughout the day, how it affects digestion when we drink it with meals – useful link – so I try to mix up the warming beverage that comes with me in my travel mug every morning. I live in Joondalup and have clients/sessions all over Perth including Fremantle, Swan View, Dalkeith and the CBD so I spend a lot of time in my car. There is rarely a morning when my trusty travel mug doesn’t accompany me on my journey, however if I know I am going out for breakfast or meeting a friend for coffee, I’ll hold off on the instant coffee and opt for a tea of some sort and look forward to the treat that is a proper coffee 🙂 – it’s the small things in life ha ha ha

I wouldn’t be eating dinner until late tonight as I had a movie date planned my lovely man, and again, this doesn’t have to mean a strike (unless you had planned for it!), so movie munchies were mixed nuts, organic popcorn with sea salt and coconut water (mmmmmmm coconut water). After the movie I cooked up scotch fillet steak with garlic prawns and roasted kale chips YUM


Dietary record for day 5:

Breakfast: Apple (5am) and white tea with a drop of liquid stevia, Smoked Trout with Rosti, Poached Eggs, Beetroot and Kale, green tea, soy long mac (9am)

Snacks: 2 homemade choc cups (5pm), banana (2pm), half a bag cobbs organic popcorn with sea salt, 2 handfuls mixed nuts, coconut water

Lunch: 200g ham, small tub greek salad

Dinner: Half a piece of scotch fillet steak with 6 prawns and roasted kale chips


Training: RPM Xpress class 10.30am








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