DAY 2 (6th May 2014): Preparation is the key!

I doubt you will find anyone who has been successful in terms of their training and nutrition without preparation. Unless you are my superwoman friend Laura Birchenough, you don’t head out on race day and complete a half marathon without training (and in an awesome time too!). You don’t reach your strength goals without following a program, and you don’t make changes in your body composition 0r form new nutritional habits without planning.  Sitting down on a Sunday and planning out your meals could be one of the most valuable habits I ask you to form. It is not difficult to boil eggs while you have breakfast frittatas in the oven and chocolate cooking on the stove! Now, if you don’t enjoy cooking, I wouldn’t recommend trying to juggle these things at one time. After all, apparently there is NO such thing as multi-tasking: rather the ability to complete several things with half arsed effort at one time…so how you manage this is up to you!

If one is going to attempt to cut out refined sugar, one must be prepared! By this I mean one MUST make their own desserts to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. CHECK!!! Tonight I spent hours in the kitchen prepping dinner, dessert (Avocado Chocolate Mousse),  breakfast (Bacon & Egg cupcakes from “I quit Sugar”), and snacks for tomorrow as well as CHOCOLATES to see me through my 1st week.

Dinner was a recipe that was recommended to me by a client. The recipe was from “Myroots” and was a sweet pea and pearl onion pasta. I decided to tweak this recipe and came up with my own version that I have shared below.

My biggest challenge today was saying “No” to chocolate brownie bought by my lovely Aunty (who didn’t know I was cutting out sugar) for my birthday. It was a small victory resisting it, but I was saving my “sugar strike days” for tomorrow (my mums birthday – Tacos & Mudcake on the menu) and Saturday (my birthday and a friends engagement party)! Planning for strikes ahead of time will help you make better decisions and you feel awesome every time you make a small decision like this because you are taking back control.

Saying "NO" to a birthday brownie! I can still pose with it right?

Saying “NO” to a birthday brownie! I can still pose with it right? This is my beautiful mum.

Training today was my fitness testing, which I have shared with you below (as well as my goals for re-testing in 8 weeks time)

CARDIO (2.4KM Run – completed 4th May) 11:18 (Goal 11:00)

CHEST STRENGTH (max push ups in 1 minute) 26 (on toes) (Goal 35)

CORE STRENGTH (plank for time) 3:10 (Goal 4:00)

LEG STRENGTH (Isometric squat for time) 2:31 (Goal 3:30)

I was happy with these results but look forward to re-testing in 8 weeks!


Dietary record for DAY 2:

Breakfast – Pea & Feta Pancake at the “Naked Fig Cafe”, a long black with cream

Snacks – Nut seed loaf, a handful of mixed nuts which turned into about 3 handfuls of mixed nuts, avocado chocolate mousse (dessert)

Lunch – Pumpkin and Sweet potato soup (left over from dinner 2 nights ago – still delicious)

Dinner – Poached chicken and bacon spaghetti with pea and onion pesto (recipe below)


What would I do differently? Stop at one handful of nuts!


Poached Chicken & Bacon Spaghetti with Pea & Onion Pesto.


Poached Chicken and Bacon Spaghetti with Pea and Onion Pesto

You will need:

2 Chicken Breasts – chopped into bite size pieces

5 rashers of bacon – diced into squares

2 zucchinis – run through a spiralizer to make spaghetti. If you don’t have a spiralizer you can make fettucine instead using your peeler

2 cups frozen peas

2 onions – diced

1 cup fresh mint

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1/4 cup olive oil

1L chicken stock


Method: Super easy!

– Poach your chicken in a saucepan filled with chicken stock. On top of the saucepan, set up your steamer and place the onions and peas inside. They should be ready around the same time

– Fry off your bacon and set aside

– Blend half the peas and onions with the olive oil, lemon juice and mint until nearly smooth

– assemble your pasta by topping the zucchini spaghetti (which I lightly fried), with your chicken, bacon, pesto and remainder of the peas and onions








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