DAY 1 (5th May 2014) – Ready, Set, INJURED!

I would say I reached my peak fitness in April 2013 when I was training for my first mini triathlon. Having been dragged into this kicking and screaming by a friend (to whom I was very grateful afterwards), I have to say that I was definitely at my fittest. I had run 3 half marathons prior to this, but being able to complete the 3 components in this event was my biggest athletic achievement at that point. My strongest component was the run, the ride was easy enough but my biggest issue was the swim – or more, who I was sharing the river with. I have a MASSIVE fear of jellyfish – I don’t care how irrational that is…I have always said this and will say it again…”I’d rather come face to face with a shark than end up swimming in a school of jellyfish”. Maybe that is because it is less likely I will come face to face with a shark? ANYWAY, finishing that event felt amazing, and the training leading up to it saw me reach my peak.

Only a few weeks after that, I dislocated my shoulder, and didn’t get back into strength training until later that year. Most of the classes I instruct now are cardio based (RPM) or core/flexibility based (Flex & Stretch), so I have really fallen off the wagon in terms of strength training. I have managed to fit in a TRX suspension training session, or kettlebell session from time to time, but I really have no excuse. It has only recently occurred to me that all the time I spend sitting around waiting for clients to arrive at a session could have been used much more effectively. The beauty of hindsight!

In the next 60 days I will be training for the HBF Run for a Reason (12km), which will also act as training toward the City to Surf Half Marathon in August. Right now, I instruct 4 RPM (cycling) classes/week as well as 2-3 Flex & Stretch classes which focus largely on breathing, balance, flexibility and strengthening the core. I choreograph this class using Tai Chi, pilates, and yoga inspired moves with the overall goal of improving postural abnormalities, something which really interests me. I try to fit in at least one strength session/week as well as a run but like anyone, this depends on how organized I am, and my level of commitment.

Having cut out refined sugar for 3 weeks in January (and feeling AMAZING), I have decided to cut it out for a minimum of 5 days a week for the next 60 days, with the intention of 7 days per week where possible. I have a mad sweet tooth, so chocolate would definitely be my downfall. I love making my own chocolate, and trying new delicious recipes, so I have no doubt I can do that. I do enjoy a glass of champagne or a tequila shot (or 3) on a night out from time to time, so I am going to allow this so long as it falls within 2 of my “sugar strike days” if I may. I am a big believer in allowing for “strikes” which are simply non-compliant meals. Some prefer to have full “strike days”, while I generally prefer to space out my strike meals throughout the week. Recently, there has been no distinct line between my strike and compliant meals, hence the origin of this blog and my attempt to climb back on board.

My Dietary record for DAY 1
Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 2 cups sautéed garlic kale, 100g ham
Snacks (eaten between meals): 1 x apple, handful cashews, 2 x soy long macchiato
Lunch: Kale, tuna, cheese and capsicum salad
Dinner: (POST WORKOUT) Beef and Vegetable Fettucine (this uses shaved sweet potato and zucchini instead of pasta)


POINTS TO NOTE: It seems I have a small tear in one of my calf muscles. Having been to my trusted Chiropractor (Shane Mackintosh at Karrinyup Wellness Centre), I am advised that cycling should be ok as long as there is no pain during the session and that the pain afterwards does not increase. Fingers crossed that plenty of self massage, icing and heat packs see me on the other side of this injury asap! Running is out, walking is painful, cycling causes no pain – looks like I’m keeping the bike next to the bed! I will not let this injury stand in the way of my progress! What injury?

DAY 1 A SUCCESS! What would I do differently? 1 less coffee and way more H2O! So very important!


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